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Automated invoice processing software which helps to eliminate manual work and errors. Expert Solutions. Our ever-popular range of system development add-ons. ERP (Agresso) Designed to set your Your basket should automatically be passed back to Agresso Self Service in a second. If it does not get passed back automatically, press the button below. To access the Intranet as a student, use your UEL student email address e.g. and desktop password.

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Owner: • Created: Mar 28,  2015-03-18 Sidan 1 av 8 Manual för godkännande och attestering av leverantörsfakturor i Agresso Self Service 2015-03-18 Sidan 2 av 8 1. INLOGGNING  Lathund Attestant Agresso Self Service Sidan 2/15 Innehållsförteckning 1. Inloggning 3 2. Startsida 5 Mina uppgifter 5 Rapporter 5 Inköp 5 Alternativ 6 3. Lathund Slutattestant Agresso Self Service Sidan 2/15 Innehållsförteckning 1. Inloggning 3 2. Startsida 5 Mina uppgifter 5 Rapporter 5 Inköp 5 Alternativ 6 3.

På portalen MIM Self-Service lösen ords återställning och Windows-inloggning kan användarna låsa upp sina konton utan att ändra sina lösen ord. The MIM Self-Service Password Reset portal and Windows login screen let users unlock their accounts without changing their passwords.

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Agresso self service

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Agresso self service

Fråga på UBW Unit4 Business World (Agresso) är universitetets ekonomisystem som bland annat används för bokföring, fakturering, betalning och rapportering. Agresso åker ut från myndigheterna – missade skicka med cv.

Alerts Alerts are generated automatically by Agresso. They are used to pass information onto users (e.g. a purchase order number) or to prompt a user for action (e.g. to approve a The self-service portal can also be used by staff to request services such as University mobile phones provided in partnership with Vodafone.
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Agresso self service

Telefon: 031-368 68 00; E-post: Är du elev  UBW webb fd Agresso. Easit.

Financial System (Agresso). This will  Self service transactions take place in a secure environment that uses some of the most sophisticated data security technology available. Agresso eCommerce  location of this page has changed. Please update your bookmarks or favourites .
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Upload Image; select the photograph that you want to use from your computer, memory stick, or CD. The image file needs to be a JPEG (JPG) preferably; GIF or PNG are acceptable but will take longer to upload.

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inom tekniska området i kommun samt arbete med Unit 4 (Agresso) samt Hypergene? användarnamn och lösenord, klickar du på Self Service Portal. Aktuell manual för self service-portalen ligger tillgänglig uppe till höger.

The range of services available to request through the portal will continue to expand and will include, for example, requests for equipment provided through the PC Scheme and for access to key business systems such as Agresso. Agresso56 Self Service, or for the purpose of this document we’ll call it Web, provides access to Agresso without having the software installed on the user’s PC. The majority of users, depending on roles, will access Agresso via the Web only. The University’s financial management application is Agresso Business World from Unit 4 Business Software.